The Spiral of Conflict and Trauma

War traumatises people, who then become fearful. Their response to conflicting needs or wants is to fight. Thus war perpetuates itself. Perhaps that is why written history, the kind that tells the stories of cities and empires, is such mayhem. Perhaps it is why many people claim we are innately evil, even though most of us usually live peaceably in our neighbourhoods.… Read More The Spiral of Conflict and Trauma

Don’t call it inflation

If instead we say that the cost of living has just gone up, we might decide that everyone needs to make do with a bit less. We might decide that the wealthy are fine to look after themselves but the struggling battlers could use a bit of help. We might increase welfare payments, unemployment benefits (remember those?) and the minimum wage. We might close a few gaping tax loopholes to cover the cost.… Read More Don’t call it inflation