This will be the site of blogs by Geoff Davies. Economies cannot be separated from the society they are embedded in, nor societies separated from the biosphere they are embedded in. So although the title says Economics, it will cover all that is relevant in society and the natural, living world.

It is getting harder to place non-mainstream commentary in either online or traditional media. The reasons are not very clear, but the continuing disruptions by social media evidently are the underlying problem.

My take on our society is anchored in my analysis that reveals mainstream economics to be hopelessly misguided and misleading, and in my reading, and our widespread experience, that people are highly cooperative by nature, contrary to the prevailing neoliberal ideology of selfish competition.

To claim that most conventional economics is egregiously wrong is to consign oneself to the fringes of social and political discourse, even though many economists have been saying it for a long time, and being marginalised themselves. Editors and others are just not willing to believe it, although it is very easy to demonstrate to anyone willing to pay attention. Or they are not willing to risk losing their readership or their job by publishing it.

As my regular outlets dwindle to one, and as that becomes less reliable, I am moved to create my own outlet, which I will promote to the substantial fringe of people looking for something better than the staggering and increasingly destructive governance we are saddled with (notwithstanding a nominally Labor government recently elected).

The companion web site BetterNatureBooks.net (formerly with a .au at the end) contains my writings that lie behind these opinions.

The most recent manuscript, Sunburnt: Fixing the stories we live by in the wide brown land, best captures the depth and breadth of the grievous misconceptions we are led astray by, and the very positive alternatives that await us if the scales should fall from our eyes. So far it lacks a publisher. My fondest wish is for a throng of supporters of this site, the better to entice a book editor. So please, by all means, tell your friends if you like what you see here.